Hong Kong Art Fair 2019

Basically, Art fairs exhibit only one form of Art. If it is a painting exhibition, different types of paintings are exhibited.  If you have an opportunity to see all forms of art from paintings to sculptures you should not miss it when it is considered to be a bonus. Hong Kong Art Fair is one such event.  Curious art fans all over the globe gear up when this event is scheduled.  It is scheduled to happen from May 17th to May 19th, 2019 at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center. As with all fairs, there will be expensive items on sale and the good news is that the fair brings affordable art.  

At these fair exhibitors from all over the world display their Art and the international galleries display the rare paintings that they have. The fair offers a rich collection of local arts and crafts.  A wide range of contemporary paintings, original prints of rare paintings, photographs and sculptures are on the show. It provides a good opportunity for rising artists. Besides the art fans can meet leading artists and designers who have their works on display.   

The popularity of the fair is on

Bangkok is known for its many tourist’s attractions, delicious cuisine, rooftop bars and nightlife with a twist, not to mention all the activities on offer. But who put Art and culture high up on that list? Most foreigners don’t know that Bangkok has a vibrant art community and there are exhibitions all over the town throughout the year, some of which are recognized by the international art community. Unfortunately, mainstream media and most tour operators don’t advertise art and culture as they do other activities. Here, we bring at least little justice to Bangkok’s thriving art community with our the top five must-see exhibitions in Bangkok.

1. At Homes

This is a solo exhibition by Orn Thongthai that reflects on the significance of the home. What does the term home mean? What people hear when someone tells them about their home? Is it something more than a state of mind, a routine that is part of our DNA, or it has to do with the people we return to daily? The exhibition explores all that and goes a step beyond that. This exhibition can be found at the YELO house.

2. Among The Shades

This is an exhibition by

Sculpture by the Sea Festival

You can see sculptures made out of various metals like bronze and silver.  Most sculptures are made out of stone. You will be delighted to hear that there are also sculptures made out of the sand. Visiting the beach itself is an exciting experience and you cannot imagine the delight for the visitor when they see the whole beach shore is filled with sculptures made from numerous materials and displayed prominently.  

Every year the festival of sculptures take place on a beach in a different country.  In 2019, the festival is planned for Cottesloe beach, Perth, Australia.  It will be one of the largest exhibitions held outdoors. The duration is from March 1st to March 18th, 2019.

Even in galleries, one can enjoy only the sculptures.  But when located on a beach, the visitor can feel more connected. The beauty of the sculptures looks better when surrounded by the blue waters, waves, greenery and vast sky; such is the power of the location and surroundings.

Originally this festival started as an outdoor exhibition so that the visitor not only connects them elves with the sculpture but to the surroundings as well. This festival displayed along 4 kilometers

Art, Dubai, 2019

World Art Dubai 2019


Many people assume Art is expensive and far from affordable and this is simply not the case. Every year, the Dubai Trade center hosts a World Art Fair. In a vast area of 6000 sqm, the visitor can view a wide selection of regional and global art. Read on to know more:

There are 10 contemporary art galleries in Dubai. It is must-see for the visitor. Contemporary art is something unique. It is created in the same time period as it is viewed. Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflect on contemporary modern society and the issues relevant to ourselves, and the world around us. It is expensive all over the world.  But in World Art Dubai one can buy contemporary art from 100 USD at retail.  Making art affordable makes it reachable. This is the specialty of World Art Dubai. This year, the event takes place from 3 to 6 April.  Now is the time to book a flight and a hotel room.


The world Art exhibits nearly 4000 artworks from renowned artists and galleries from 30 countries around the world.  The fair provides good recognition for the artists as well as