5 Must See Exhibitions in Bangkok For 2019

Bangkok is known for its many tourist’s attractions, delicious cuisine, rooftop bars and nightlife with a twist, not to mention all the activities on offer. But who put Art and culture high up on that list? Most foreigners don’t know that Bangkok has a vibrant art community and there are exhibitions all over the town throughout the year, some of which are recognized by the international art community. Unfortunately, mainstream media and most tour operators don’t advertise art and culture as they do other activities. Here, we bring at least little justice to Bangkok’s thriving art community with our the top five must-see exhibitions in Bangkok.

1. At Homes

This is a solo exhibition by Orn Thongthai that reflects on the significance of the home. What does the term home mean? What people hear when someone tells them about their home? Is it something more than a state of mind, a routine that is part of our DNA, or it has to do with the people we return to daily? The exhibition explores all that and goes a step beyond that. This exhibition can be found at the YELO house.

2. Among The Shades

This is an exhibition by Heiko Muller, a German-born artist that has been exhibited all over the world. His paintings have traveled in places like New York, Tartu, Saint Petersburg, Paris, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles. His art draws inspiration from the renaissance period, medieval icons, as well as various Flemish and Dutch painters. His style is a mix of print with digital art. According to him, his preferred media is oil on canvas and paper. This must-see exhibition is held at the Le Link Gallery.

3. Sea (New Generation)

This exhibition presents the work of a new generation of artists coming from Southeast Asia. To be more precise, it is the work of nine artists, including Sornchai Phongsa, Pannaphan Yodmanee, Kristoffer Ardeña, Ruben Pang, Manok Ventura, Phattharakon Singthong, Cai Qing, Zulkifli Lee, and H.H Lim. The exhibition is held at the Tang Contemporary Art located on 153 Ratchadamri Road.

4. Value (Able X Less)

This art exhibition presents the work of two distinctive artists, Itti Petamanang and Jirayu Kiatrungwilaikul. The theme of the exhibition is society itself and modern living as a sub-theme. The idea is to question society and the values we take for granted. The viewer is the one that needs to be inspired and challenged to re-evaluate modern living and society and the current system of values. Their exhibition consists of a series of woodcut creations and paintings made by the two of them. The “Value Art Exhibition” is held at the Kalwit Studio & Gallery that is located on 119/14 Ruamrudee 2.

5. Laon Saeng

Shinya Matsunaga is the artist behind this solo exhibition. This exhibition captures parts of a fragmented reality that makes viewers question what is real and what not. 

It’s on us what can be passed for reality and what is a fiction created by our phobias. It is an intriguing set of photos that climbs onto illusions that come in the form of artificial landscapes.