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World Art Dubai 2019

World Art Dubai 2019


Many people assume Art is expensive and far from affordable and this is simply not the case. Every year, the Dubai Trade center hosts a World Art Fair. In a vast area of 6000 sqm, the visitor can view a wide selection of regional and global art. Read on to know more:

There are 10 contemporary art galleries in Dubai. It is must-see for the visitor. Contemporary art is something unique. It is created in the same time period as it is viewed. Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflect on contemporary modern society and the issues relevant to ourselves, and the world around us. It is expensive all over the world.  But in World Art Dubai one can buy contemporary art from 100 USD at retail.  Making art affordable makes it reachable. This is the specialty of World Art Dubai. This year, the event takes place from 3 to 6 April.  Now is the time to book a flight and a hotel room.


The world Art exhibits nearly 4000 artworks from renowned artists and galleries from 30 countries around the world.  The fair provides good recognition for the artists as well as the galleries. Galleries are vital in promoting art. Hence each year, apart from selecting the best art and artist, recognition is given for the best international art gallery and best GCC gallery. World Art Dubai occupies its place among the top 20 leading art marketplaces.


A wide variety of Art is available for sale. The types of art include Calligraphy, digital art, drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture.  The affordability part is taken care of by the organizers. Besides enjoying and buying Art, the viewers get an excellent opportunity to visit live art demonstrations, art talks, creative workshops, art collaborations, and art installations. All visitors have a great opportunity to meet so many Art experts under one roof.  


Photography workshop conducted by world Art Dubai is useful for the visitor to learn to take beautiful pictures during their travels. Talented young artists get a platform to exhibit their skills.  The creative workshops are very good and are conducted by experts within respective fields.


The participants can register online. The website gives detailed information on admission policy, accommodation, and other tourist information. Buyer testimonials and the photo gallery of previous years are simply breathtaking.  Emerging artists are encouraged here. Besides Dubai have plenty of shopping malls, skyscrapers, theme parks, and beaches. It is a hot tourist destination. You can buy a variety of gadgets, perfumes etc. by getting good offers. So if you can plan a vacation that combines the world Art fair, it would be an added advantage. The vacation would be perfect and complete only on visiting this fair.  At Dubai, one can appreciate man-made island and lakes. But one can feel connected by viewing thousands of paintings at the art fair. Visiting the fair would be an educational experience where you are in a position to appreciate all different types of art and to attend workshops if you choose to.