Hong Kong Art Fair 2019

Hong Kong Art Fair 2019

Basically, Art fairs exhibit only one form of Art. If it is a painting exhibition, different types of paintings are exhibited.  If you have an opportunity to see all forms of art from paintings to sculptures you should not miss it when it is considered to be a bonus. Hong Kong Art Fair is one such event.  Curious art fans all over the globe gear up when this event is scheduled.  It is scheduled to happen from May 17th to May 19th, 2019 at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center. As with all fairs, there will be expensive items on sale and the good news is that the fair brings affordable art.  

At these fair exhibitors from all over the world display their Art and the international galleries display the rare paintings that they have. The fair offers a rich collection of local arts and crafts.  A wide range of contemporary paintings, original prints of rare paintings, photographs and sculptures are on the show. It provides a good opportunity for rising artists. Besides the art fans can meet leading artists and designers who have their works on display.   

The popularity of the fair is on the increase year on year. Even Hollywood celebrities are regular visitors to this fair.  You would be surprised to learn about the history of the fair. The fair was started in the year 2008 when the financial crisis was at its peak.  Common men had other worries rather than admiring art. The show started with very low funding. But to everyone’s surprise, the public received the fair very well.  People found solace in admiring art. They took home the affordable art. From then on the fair became a huge success and visited by millions each year.

Admire Art

Hong Kong is easily reachable from all Asian countries.  Hence it has emerged as a good market for Art. As many as 107 leading galleries from 22 countries and 30 exhibitors are likely to participate in this year’s event.  Apart from paintings and crafts that are normally available in such fairs, what you can see uniquely in this fair are large scale installations. Leading contemporary artists give talks during the event which can be enjoyed by all.

This fair will help to increase the rise of affordable art across various East Asian nations. The visitor gets the opportunity to view rare art forms and the visitors can participate in decent tours, and attend a series of special exhibitions.  The art lover will enjoy the tailor-made art exhibitions and enjoying global art is made easy at this fair. You can listen to various types of music and enjoy the local flavor of dance. Hong Kong is famous for its wide range of Chinese and Thai cuisine. Art lovers who attend the fair can get their palates satisfied.  Ardent travelers that are visiting during this time can take advantage of visiting the fair and they can also visit the other tourist attractions and other nearby Asian countries as well.